Getting to grips with gluten-free flours

To me, there is more to gluten-free baking and buying a bag of flour. Having a natural baking curiosity, I sought out other available natural gluten-free flours, there are quite a few on offer. It is finding the right flour for the right job. Each flour serves a purpose, such as BindingTextureTasteLeavening Once they are... Continue Reading →

Roast garlic

Preparation TimeCooking Time 35 MinutesTotal Time Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free Equipment: Aluminium foil, olive oil and sea salt { black pepper optional} Roasted garlic is nothing like the unroasted in texture or taste. If you are not keen on the taste of garlic in your food, finding it too strong or overwhelming I urge... Continue Reading →

New Launches for Veganuary 2021

We are that time of the year again, Veganuary. The time when supermarkets and restaurants are booming with new vegan food products. My only annoyance is when they introduce a product in January and it slowly withdraws from the shelves. If you have decided to take the Veganuary 31-day challenge, then good luck. It has... Continue Reading →

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