Welcome to Autumn

I cannot believe how quickly this year has slipped by. From a beautiful May / June to a dreadful July/August as far as the weather is concerned.

Despite fighting off a long battle with pneumonia, mental health and my disability, I still look forward to this time of year and seeing another season start.

I love October and the beginning of Autumn for many reasons.

In an ever fast-paced changing world it is comforting to know for sure that our seasons still come and go. Seeing the changes of the season outside such as the leaves turning colour from green to russet and red.

The evenings drawing in early means time to close the curtains and snuggle down all cosy with my favourite fluffy blanket and some delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows. I can surround myself with lit candles and twinkling fairy lights turning the room into my autumn grotto. The Danish have a word for it “Hygge” The feeling of contentment or a quality of cosiness. No longer do I have to feel guilty if I’m not planning days out, having BBQs with family or friends or generally making the most of the sunny days, not wanting to waste them by being stuck indoors? I still love days out but I also welcome some downtime to relax without rushing around. with no rush. I would clarify that I live in the UK and not in some sunny climate.

I am also a lover of the food produced around at this time of year from the gorgeous colourful squashes and pumpkins, earthy beetroots, winter cabbages, creamy cauliflowers, blackberries, apples, pears and so much more.

A time of the year for slow cooking and the comfort of having a delicious meal bubbling away on the stove top. Our thoughts turn to stick to the ribs casseroles, stews, soups to keep us warm. I turn to my freezer for my supply of tomato sauces made from my summer garden produce to make lasagnes and bolognese. It is a season of hearty food

The climax of October for me has to be Halloween on the 31st of the month. I am a big lover of all

things dark and Gothic so I love the 31st of October, I love to decorate the garden and home if we are having a party.

Below is a list of some of my recipes for the season

  1. Roasted tomato sauce
  2. https://theglutenfreeveganalchemist.com/2023/09/08/roasted-fresh-tomato-sauce/

2. Fake Steak & Ale Pie


3. Creamy vegetable soup


4.Spicy vegetable and Lentil soup


5.Plum and Almond Cake


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