Hi there, my name is Karran, and thank you for popping along to check out my blog. Daughter of a baker/confectioner my induction to baking started off at an early age, surrounded by boxes of marzipan and icing, itching to get my hands into any baking bowl.

Vegetarian for most of my adult life, then due to health problems I could no longer eat wheat or gluten. Learning to master this new way of baking was so alien to me and far removed from the way I was taught. Daunting to start with, more like a weird kind of alchemy. Earlier attempts were neither tasty nor pretty. Being stubborn by nature can sometimes be a good thing, as I ploughed on, becoming a bit of a gluten-free evangelist.

I loved surprising family and friends with my baked goods. Oh, my poor human guinea pigs they must have felt their belts tighten at the sight of yet another lovingly baked chocolate cake.

Then I threw the proverbial spanner in the works when just over a year ago, I decided to take the big step and go from vegetarian to vegan This is when my love for baking was tested once again. Eventually, I began to master and unravel the wizardry behind free from and vegan cooking.
This is not a health food blog, no waxing lyrical about the virtues of kale, goji berries, and raw food, the recipes are simple with easy to find ingredients. Some of my recipes are vegan, some gluten-free but more often than not they are a combination of them both. I hope you enjoy what you see, if you do then please comment.

Life has thrown me many curveballs, we either have to catch or drop them, so here I am at the age of 53, writing a gluten-free & vegan food blog, something I have wanted to do for many years. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. My links to recipes are at the top of the page along with blogs about my vegan life.


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