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When you make the decision to become a vegan your thoughts, I think are about the food and how it will affect what you eat. I was a vegetarian so for me it was dairy that mainly changed. Once I got myself on board with that, I looked around at so many things in my life that also had to change. One of the major things was cosmetics and toiletries. My favourite lippy was now a no go along with my trusty eyeliner. Although many of my products were ethical, they were not necessarily vegan.

Like many I am on a budget, throwing away my collection was wasteful and I could not afford to replace them all at once. What I did was to make small changes and when a product ran out I would replace it with a vegan product, or I would give cosmetic gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas. The rest of the products I gave away.

Some vegan cosmetics I had seen were quite expensive, a little out of my budget to buy a lot of in one go. I started to search for items that for me were value for money and that they did a great job. Here are some of my favourites of reasonably priced cosmetics that I have found.

Look for these easy to spot logos on the products and you cannot go wrong.

Not tested on animals does not mean they are vegan as they still contain animal derivatives.

Barry M


Although not all Barry M’s products are vegan, mainly because those that don’t contain beeswax. Rest assured, none of their cosmetics is tested on animals throughout the world which is great news.

I love their range and their prices provide excellent value for money across the board. Their nail varnish, for instance, has great staying power and comes in a great range of colours and finishes, all for under a fiver. They have their finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to trends and seasons.


NYX has always been one of my favourite cosmetics to use. I love their extensive range and prices. As an alternative lady, their eye-liners are so good. As with Barry M, none of NYX cosmetics is tested anywhere on animals, although its parent company L’Oreal do. A few years ago they did not have a range of fully vegan cosmetics they do now. A large proportion contained ingredients such as lanolin and beeswax. That has now changed, and they do now have a vast vegan collection of make-up and I’m sure there will be more products in the future. To look through their vegan range check the link below

Kat Von D

Although this is not what you would call a budget brand, I have included it for a few reasons.

  1. Great to receive as gifts
  2. Fabulous quality
  3. Long-lasting products

In the world of alternative cosmetics, Kat Von D’s products are highly regarded. I would definitely purchase more if money was no object. Nearly 2 years ago I was lucky to receive the Saint & Sinner eye- shadow palette for Christmas from the Kat Von D range.


although it is not used on a daily basis it is used a lot and it definitely has a lot of life left in it, so although it had a hefty price tag to me it was value for money if not budget-friendly.

This brand is both 100% vegan and cruelty- free from 2019. A few of their products used to include carmine which has now been excluded.


I have only just discovered their products when I bought myself their eyebrow stencil kit for £2.00 and their sculpting silk eye-shadow for £5.00. Now I just want more when budget allows. I am disabled so the eyebrow kit enabled me not to have wonky Caterpillar eyebrows and the shadow stayed on wonderfully. So if you have not tried them yet, give them


Rejuvenating day cream £13-18 Purely Ageless Eye Cream £11.99

I bought these when they were on sale at Boots. I get commented on my skin quite often. A friend who had not seen me in years actually asked I have had Botox treatment, no just great skin-care products. I would never be without these two gems. Yes, they are definitely pricier than my pre-vegan ones but for me, it is worth it.

Bio Glow

Peel-off Face Masks £1.00


These masks have to be one of my best budget buys. I spotted in my local Asda for £1.00 each, so I grabbed the cucumber one and the orange ones. I did not expect much, but now they are part of my once a week treatments. It does stay a little tacky when it comes to the removal but it makes my skin feel so soft. Absolute bargain.


sparkling water cleanser £6.99


This has to be my favourite cleanser and it really does make my face feel so fresh. It slowly melts from a thick gel into cooling water. It is not a make-up remover but a great cleanser. I only use a little and the tube has lasted so well.

Faith in Nature


I started trying Faith in nature products around 6 months ago and I must admit I think I am addicted to the coconut and frangipani moisture boost shampoo and conditioner. Both retail for around £6.99. Their products can be found online and in stores. It smells absolutely amazing. As someone that dyes their hair quite a lot, it really does do the job. The shampoo lathers up with a minimal amount, so great value for money.

Original Source shower gel £1.99


This is one product that you will always find in my bathroom, especially the lemon or coconut one. The whole family uses this one, it smells so good and is such a great price. I tend to grab a few when they are on offer( which is quite often) for 99p. We never use any other shower product apart from my other love, which is the Treacle Moon shower gel. That one I hide away as it is just for me.

Treacle Moon £3.00

This is the one I buy just for me occasionally, It feels like a treat that way. I use it when I can have a long hot shower. I really do have to hide this one, as the last time I left it in the bathroom my son used the whole bottle. The scent of them is divine. You can almost conjure up the taste of each one. My favourites are the honeycomb, vanilla moments and marshmallow hearts. They label their products clearly as 100% vegan. Again when I find them on offer I take advantage and stock up like some mad hoarder.

George cosmetics from £2.00


George at Asda has now launched its new cosmetics range that contains a lot that is vegan. I have tried their Flutter False Lash mascara £4.00 and their doll eye one.

It pays to check the likes of Aldi and Lidl, as I have seen vegan toiletries in there. Most places have their own range. There are so many great priced items out there. Not all vegan cosmetics and toiletries are expensive, or because they are higher in price it does not mean they are better. Look around you may be surprised what you find.

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