A breath of fresh air

I just wanted to write a quick update about how things are going a being released from the hospital and my plans and ambitions for this year.

Breathing is easier now as I recover from a horrible bout of pneumonia and an asthma attack, that frankly scared me so much. Still very tired but building my stamina and eating a rainbow coloured variety of fruit and vegetables daily. I am determined to get back to my former self (not sure if that’s a good thing).

With all that I have decided to make a few promises to myself about the things, I want to achieve this year. Which are

  • To finish and publish my vegan & gluten-free recipe book.

This has been hovering somewhere in the ether for a long time. In my head, I can see the end result but it is now time to bring it into fruition. I will dust off the old brain cells and get planning.

  • To improve my blog with more consistency and new ideas.

It is now time to take my blog to the next level and treat it with the love it deserves. Health is my biggest problem although I need to apply a no-excuses attitude.

  • Going swimming more to help my joints.

I seem to be one of those ladies who have been on a diet all my life, this led to a pretty bad attitude to food. Swimming is the only exercise I can do and I love it. No brainer really.

  • To see more of my friends and stop isolating myself.

Naturally shy by nature despite covering it with attitude and a big mouth. The more disabled I become the smaller my circle of friends became. I love my close friends dearly and treasure them. At the moment I am waiting for alterations to my house so I can become independent with my electric wheelchair. At the moment I rely on others which I am not keen on.

Simple things to many but huge steps for me.

Aside from that Veganuary I think this year has been a huge success. The major supermarkets have all upped their game and bought out a vast array of vegan products so far. There has been new branding and some name changes, but they got it right. Each supermarket is now in staunch competition with each other.

Long gone are you few apologetic items hiding away in a forgotten corner, almost embarrassed to be there. No more having to make a special trip to the health food shop.

Veganism is here to stay, it is not a fad. In fact, it is almost considered mainstream now to be  VEGAN, as more people become aware of the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

I will leave you with a few of my batch cooking favourites until next time.



Recipes to warm your heart


warming Cottage pie

Bolongnese to die for

Curry in a hurry








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