New year, bad start

Hi everyone, I do apologise for my lack of posting over the last month. Just before Christmas I was feeling very tired but put it down to my disability and being so busy. By the day after boxing day, my chest was hurting and breathing became painful, I took my asthma pump and promised myself I would call the Dr first thing on Monday morning. Boy was that a wrong decision.

Monday morning came and so did an ambulance ,with difficulty breathing, high temperature and oxygen levels of 64 I was a mess.

I know I am disabled, but I tended to think myself pretty invincible as far as a severe illness was concerned.

Taken to casualty and after assessments and various tests I discovered to my joy that again over the Christmas period I had developed really bad bacterial pneumonia (last year too.), despite having my pneumonia jab and a bad asthma attack.

I was very scared, as apart from having my children I had not had a stay in hospital since I was 7 and having my appendix out. I was put on oxgyen, steroids, antibiotics, nebulizers and a few other medications to get me comfortable and kill the infection.

The next 5 days were pretty dire and I must admit I have never felt so ill in my life.

Eating was difficult, being both vegan and gluten-free the food choices were very limited. Breakfast was ok with cereal, apart from that for me it was mainly jacket potatoes for lunch and dinner. This is something the NHS does need to address. I suppose that comes down to funding. I just find it strange, you need good food to aid recovery during illness and for me that didn’t happen. Maybe it is different in other Hospitals.

Diagnosed with asthma last year stupidly I brushed it off and just took my inhaler when I remembered. What an idiot, it is on my bedside table along with my other medications. That little pump that could save my life which I dismissed so easily.

I know people have a lot to say about the NHS, but the staff at Derriford hospital in Plymouth were so good. Nothing was too much trouble, even though they were so busy and understaffed.

Coming home on Friday I was so happy, I was still poorly but glad to be home. I had missed my dogs so much.

Day 4

Being such a terrible patient, I know I am and everyone who knows me will vouch for that, I assumed home meant better, even though I felt like I had been run over repeatedly by a truck. Next came the after-effects of the antibiotics (OMG) and another course of steroids which I finished yesterday.

Nearly three weeks down the line I am having to learn that 4 letter word rest, and take things very easy. My sats are still a little low and I will be having a chest x ray in a few weeks to check all the infection has gone.

Even at the age of 54, I have had to learn a few things such as

  • A little dust does not matter
  • Life does not end if you leave last nights dishes
  • The washing basket does not always have to be empty
  • A deep appreciation and understanding that Asthma is not to be taken lightly
  • Resting does not mean you are lazy
  • Recovery time may take a few months
  • Patience, ok not that one

I have so missed my blog, and it is good to feel interested in it again and when days are dire I can at least sit and write At the moment it one day at a time, one busy day and the next days I cannot move from the sofa. I was told by the medical staff that it is a bad time for chest infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, the weather has been so wet and miserable in the UK

For me now it is a case of building myself up with good vegan food, this is hard when your appetite is low. It is getting better and I am getting to try some new vegan foods out for veganuary and lots of fruit and vegetables. One of my favourites is my vegan bolognese

I can make a big batch and it is loaded with good ingredients. I have so many ideas on paper and cannot wait to test them. Lots of warming and filling meals, just what we need this time of year.

I have waffled on long enough, so I just want to say a belated New Year and if anyone else has been ill over the festive season, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Starting to feel more human

All my love Karran x

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