Christmas Baking Begins

For me, as soon as Halloween is over it signals the start of Christmas or more so the precisional planning of Christmas baking.

I love the preparation of the seasonal food, food that my family love to eat. Favourites such as stollen, yule log, cheesecakes, mince pies, gingerbread and the Christmas cake. These are a few of the items that appear every year without fail.

Today my kitchen has been filled with the luscious aroma of spices such as ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, accompanied by a gentle hint of whisky and orange.

A vat of boozy mincemeat has been made, lovingly stored in jars for a month or so, letting it absorb all those wonderful flavours. One gluten-free fruitcake has been made and the fruit for another is sitting in a large bowl getting sozzled in rum. In fact, this year is the only year that I have not made a gluten-filled non-vegan Christmas cake. Normally I make one for me and one for family and friends. This year, though I am totally confident in my vegan and gluten-free Christmas cakes. I have made two different recipes. Once wrapped in foil, they will only be opened to be drizzled with alcohol weekly and finally decorated a week before the big day.

There is one seasonal food item that I totally dislike, but I would be disowned by my loved ones if I didn’t make it. That is stollen. My family are crazy about this German loaf enriched with nuts and fruit with a centre swirl of marzipan. The smell of this alone is too much for me, so true labour of love. I have never made a gluten-free one, this year I will, along with a vegan one. Both of which will be up on the blog soon.

I am adding a new Christmas section, which will include sides, sweet treats, nut roasts and lots of seasonal goodies.

If there are any food items you need tips on or recipes for then please email me at I will do my best to help you out.

Let the start of the silly season commence

Bye for now


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