My Favourite Facial Routine

Since becoming vegan I have slowly experimented with a few products. It can be really expensive at one end of the scale down to good affordable items.

These are the just ones I prefer, they suit my skin. It is good to experiment to find what is great for you.

I have had a good skincare routine since the age of 16, back when the oil of Olay was oil of Ulay. This was my late mother’s favourite product.

I have never been prone to spots and menopause tested my skin but it is back to normal now.

Makeup remover

I have tried quite a few cosmetic removers over the years. Apart from coconut and jojoba oil, there are just two that I prefer, and these are

Flawless micellar water £5.75 for 100ml

I love this cleanser. I have only been using it now for about 6 months. Since getting older I have found my skin is much more sensitive. Cleansers I once used, now make my skin dry and itchy. I had never heard of this one but I saw it on offer online and thought I would give it a go. It feels very gentle and the mild scent was very refreshing. It removed the makeup well and left my skin feeling cool, clean and fresh.

Garnier micellar cleansing water all in one £6.99 for 400ml

This is my hands down favourite on price and cleaning ability. It is not fabulously scented but it does exactly what you need it to do. Quite often you can pick this one up on offer. There are different ones for various skin types. I always have a bottle of this on my dressing table.

Reusable makeup remover cloths

Green Face co Microfibre makeup remover cloths £15.99 for 20

Going back around 7 years I either used the wet wipe type or cotton pads. I switched over to the washable type which is better for the environment. On face value 15.99 does seem like a lot of money. At the start, I bought small circular washable pads. My problem with them was that

  • They became scrunched up in the washing machine and some shrunk.
  • In the wash they got lost or stuck to other washing
  • They were just too small and sometimes you had to use more than one at a time.

These though are great, they wash up lovely and seem to get in your pores and give your face a good clean. I dampen mine and then add my micellar water.


Garnier natural rose water toner for sensitive skin £1.74 for 200ml

I love everything about this product. The heavenly smell, the price and the way it makes your skin feel silky smooth.

Daytime Moisturiser age 50+

Garnier organic pumping day cream £4.75 for 50ml

I love this product a lot. I started using this one about 3 months ago. My usual one was more expensive and I wanted to find a lower-cost alternative. It still had to give me the same great feeling in my skin. This smells delicious and has such a beautiful texture. It feels like you are feeding your skin a perfect vitamin-packed meal. I shall be keeping to this one from now on.

The llex Wood Rose and Frankincense Face Cream £15.25 for 60ml

This product I began using 18 months ago, the reason for this was that I began to get eczema when using my old one. I was recommended this one by a friend. I normally never spend so much on a moisturiser but loved it. The only thing I found odd at the beginning was it did have an oilier feel to it, you do not need much. You just warm some between your fingers and gently rub it into your skin. The smell is amazing and my skin which tends to be drier since menopause loves it.

Night Cream

Sukin Enriching Night Cream £12.99 120ml

I love the Sukin range and it suits my skin. Beautifully enriched with rosehip oil and Kakadu plum which is rich in vitamin C. It makes my face feel so soft and refreshed in the morning. A little bit goes a long way. after cleaning just massage into the face, neck and decolletage.

Boots Ingredients Retinol Night Moisturiser £7.00 for 30ml

High in Vitamin A, this serum has a lovely feel to it. This range is affordable which is always good news. It does as it says which is to give elasticity to the skin.

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