We all scream for vegan ice cream

I must admit I have a huge fondness for ice-cream, it is not a summer thing for me but a creamy delight to be enjoyed all the year-round. Sometimes I like my ice-cream served just on its own totally unadulterated, but often I love it pimped up with vegan caramel sauce, fruit or vegan meringues... Continue Reading →

Burger Time

Summer really means a big rise in outdoor eating and nothing screams more summer food than bbq. It is time to get the charcoal lit and those burgers flipping The supermarkets are stuffed to the brim and competing now more than ever in the race to find the most realistic looking and tastiest vegan burgers.... Continue Reading →



  Have you ever mentioned tempeh to some non-vegan friends and you get that puzzled reaction from them, or even asked for it in a supermarket and received the same reaction. While most seem to have heard about tofu but tempeh seems to be its long lost distant cousin. Tempeh now has more competition due... Continue Reading →



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