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It has been a busy two weeks, mainly because my elderly father in law has been ill and in hospital. At 80 it becomes worrying as he is diabetic. That combined with getting ready for Christmas, cooking for the blog and having a busy household it was hard to have a moment to draw breath. Luckily he is on the mend and will soon be back in his home again, which is all he wants.

We are in the mad manic last week before Christmas now and everyone is so busy getting ready. People get so stressed this time of the year. I consider myself lucky as I have my wonderful partner, two fabulous grown-up lads, and great friends. This alone makes my Christmas for me. We are no way well off and we do what we can. My mind though always turns to people and families who are not so lucky.

A year ago every time I did my supermarket shop I purchased a couple of extra things such as pasta or tin goods, nothing expensive to put into the food bank box.

I hate the fact that in this day and age there should be a need for food banks, but for some, they are a lifeline. I would urge anyone if they could do this to do it as it really does make a difference. This is no you should be doing this post but sometimes it is good to spare a thought.

As for food on the blog recently there has been a rich chocolate courgette cake which is both vegan and gluten-free plus a lovely BBQ vegan meatloaf which makes a great Christmas dinner piece.

I hope you are all taking a little moment for yourself amid the manic season, whether it with a little tipple or a lovely hot chocolate.

Karran xxx


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