A rainy days work

Sleep somehow avoided me last night, the humidity is definitely not helping, also my brain seems to be on thought overload. New recipes are storming through my head competing with exciting new ventures. All in all, it is not helping the zen factor.

So I gave up in the end and came down to my workstation at early o’clock with the hounds. At least there I could be productive. Cuppa in hand I made a few lists of things to be done.

Looking at the weather, the garden is definitely out-of-bounds. On the rainy days when I’m in, it means a chance to stock up on my supplies of nut butter and pesto. These are the two ingredients that I seem to go through rather a lot of. Nothing backbreaking, just a lot of blending and blitzing. The coffee machine is on standby and rock music playing in the background. Rain does definitely not stop play here.

A few recipes were tested yesterday, some very good and some needing a few more tweaks, so back to the drawing board, for those, just not today.

I am just preparing a blog about making your own different kinds of nut butter, so it fits in nicely as I can take some photographs and videos to add to that blog.

So now the aroma of roasting cashews, almonds and peanuts are wafting around the kitchen plus the heady scent of basil and garlic. The kitchen really to me is the heart of a house.

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