We all Scream for Ice Cream

Tried and tested vegan ice cream Tubs Ice cream has always been my favourite treat and when I became vegan I was so worried that I was going to have to forgo that. I remember trying vegan ice cream in the 1980s at a festival and was so unimpressed. Fast forward to 2017 and how... Continue Reading →

Chocolate & Pistachio Brownies

A well-baked brownie is like a gift from the chocolate gods. The top crust should be glossy with a thin crinkly tissue-like appearance. You break through this with your fork before sinking into thick fudginess. They are Naughty Delicious Decadent Indulgent Chocolatey They are less of a cake and more of a dessert. Warm and... Continue Reading →


Caramel Apple Crumble bars

Autumn has now arrived and, and now while I miss the sunshine, and the lighter nights there is something to be said for this beautiful season. I love seeing the leaves on the trees take on golden hues and the feel of that carpet beneath my boots. The hunkering down, the cosy blankets, rooms lit... Continue Reading →


Bakewell Tart

Bake well tart has its roots firmly planted in English history, a well know tea-time or high tea delicacy and popular confection. Consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell spread with jam and then topped with a layer of delicious frangipane finished with flaked almonds. It is a variation of the Bakewell pudding which originated in... Continue Reading →


Plum and almond cake

One of my favourite fruits that are bountiful in the Autumn are plums. Not only are they versatile but they are so delicious. Whether you use them in jams, cakes or desserts they are a sure fire winner. I love Autumn as much as I love summer. It is the glut of British produce that... Continue Reading →


Zingy lemon bars

Preparation Time 15 Minutes Preparation Time 15 MinutesCooking Time 35 MinutesMakes 16 Pieces Vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, egg-free These gorgeous lemon bars are to die for, the surprising thing is that they contain no eggs, dairy and were gluten-free.  Zingyluscioussweetdecadent A soft zingy lemon filling sits on top of a crisp shortbread base and sprinkled... Continue Reading →



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