Makes 24-26 falafels Preparation Time 10 Minutes plus soaking and chilling Cooking time 5 Mins ( deep-fried) 25-30 Minutes (oven-baked) 29 Calories per uncooked falafel. Before I became a vegan I had never touched a falafel. I considered them a kind of hippy food, how misguided I was. Becoming a vegan has opened my eyes... Continue Reading →

Quick cook falafels

Preparation 40 MinutesCooking Time 5 MinutesMakes 12-16  One of my favourite snacks or quick lunch fixes is falafels, this is funny as until I went vegan my lip curled at the thought of them. Anything containing chickpeas to me sounded horrendous.  A year later I am now a complete convert, and they have become... Continue Reading →


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