A glance at Summer

It has been a strange summer for most of us. Although we are beginning to relax a little, the sword of covid still hangs overhead I have spent my time in the company of my close family, best friends and my animals. Like many my home is my safe place. It is where I feel... Continue Reading →

A spoonful of pesto

FOOD BITES Not just for pasta Until 4 years ago I had never used pesto, which now seems so unbelievable. Quite often, I picked up a jar in a supermarket, putting  it back down again, convinced I would not like this weird green concoction in a jar. Often, while pursuing over delicious looking vegetarian recipes in... Continue Reading →

Changing seasons

Being disabled I cannot any longer walk my dogs, but what we can do is bundle them in the car and take them for a run or swim. We are lucky to live very close a lovely National Trust beauty spot called Plymbridge in Plymouth. There I get to see my dogs run and indulge... Continue Reading →


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