Roast garlic & tomato Focaccia bread

Preparation Time 15 MinutesProofing TimeCooking Time 35 Minutes Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut-free and Egg-free Focaccia bread is a bit underrated in this country, behind the sourdoughs, artisan and wholemeal bread that are so popular now. It still has its place though among our British loaves. To me, this crusty, slightly salty Italian bread lends itself... Continue Reading →

Soda bread

Preparation Time 15 MinutesCooking Time 45-50 Minutes theOne of the things I took for granted before I became coeliac was bread, particularly a gorgeous sandwich made from soft nutty granary or wholemeal bread. I have not found many gluten-free breads that are sandwich suitable, although lovely for toast. Soda bread was always a favourite, I... Continue Reading →

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