Zingy lemon drizzle cake

Serves 10-12Preparation Time 15 MinutesCooking Time 45 Minutes Lemon drizzle cake is an all-time classic, which just about every baker has their own go-to recipe. I know this is traditionally not a seasonal cake, but the zingy freshness always conjures up springtime. TangyLip-smackingFreshDeliciousBursting with flavour Lemons just bring this cake alive. We all know the... Continue Reading →

Deb’s Canadian coffee cake

Preparation 15 Minutes Baking Time 40-45 Minutes Serves 16 If I had not met my best friend Debs nearly 6 years ago, or heard of a coffee cake containing no coffee, then I don't think I would have either attempted to bake this cake let alone  trying to make a vegan and gluten-free version In... Continue Reading →

Vanilla butterfly cupcakes

Makes 12-18 Preparation Time 15 Minutes Cooking Time 20-25 Minutes Fluffy butterfly cupcakes, mottled with flecks of vanilla, as good as I remember from my childhood. No birthday party or celebration was never without this humble bake. As a youngster, I remember peeling the paper case off and getting a dusting of the icing sugar... Continue Reading →

Banana cake with vanilla frosting

Preparation Time 15 Minutes Cooking Time 30-40 Minutes Serves 12 Next to the carrot cake in my eyes is banana cake. I love its dense but moist texture with the deep taste and aroma of bananas. In this house, everyone is overjoyed when bananas go past their best or when they are being sold on... Continue Reading →

Orange spiced Ginger cake

Preparation time 15 MinutesCooking Time 1 HourServes 16 I adore a really good sticky ginger cake, something reminiscent of the Mc Vities ginger cake. That dense but incredibly moist sponge bursting with aromatic ginger. I expect the top to be sticky from the use of syrup and treacle. At school, it was always served with... Continue Reading →

Chocolate and hazelnut cupcakes

Makes 12   Preparation Time 15 Minutes    Cook Time 20 Minutes Equipment needed For this recipe, you will need a 12 hole muffin tin and cases and an electric whisk or stand mixer. There are two things that I could happily eat by the spoonful straight from a jar. One is peanut butter and the other... Continue Reading →

Mochaccino Cupcakes

Preparation Time 10 Minutes   Cooking Time 35 Minutes   Makes 12 These started off as an idea for coffee cupcakes, then they morphed into an idea for using a mochaccino flavour instead. They hit the food mark in so many ways Velvety Moist Decadent Flavourful Indulgent I tried these on my favourite non-vegan, gf human Guinea... Continue Reading →

Carrot cake traybake

Makes 9   Preparation Time 15 Minutes    Cooking Time 35-40 Minutes Carrot cake is the only cake that I really resist making, the reason being is that it is my absolute favourite cake to eat. Although this version is both vegan and gluten free it certainly did not disappoint. I tested it on friends who are... Continue Reading →

Banging blueberry and banana flapjacks

Serves 12     Preparation Time 10 Minutes     Cooking Time 35 Minutes These are lovely flapjacks, they are not good for being gluten-free or vegan but just good because they are mostly packed full of good things. Bursting with delicious vitamin and mineral packed ingredients such as blueberries, oats, nuts and seeds. Great for a... Continue Reading →

Lemon scones

Makes 6 medium scones Preparation Time 10 Minutes Baking Time 10-12 Minutes No high tea or summer is fully complete without that very British delicacy the scone. A cream tea is a delight to behold and consumed with relish by the thousands of holidaymakers who flock to Devon and Cornwall each year. It has only... Continue Reading →


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