Deb’s Canadian coffee cake

Preparation 15 Minutes Baking Time 40-45 Minutes Serves 16 If I had not met my best friend Debs nearly 6 years ago, or heard of a coffee cake containing no coffee, then I don't think I would have either attempted to bake this cake let alone  trying to make a vegan and gluten-free version In... Continue Reading →

Mochaccino Cupcakes

Preparation Time 10 Minutes   Cooking Time 35 Minutes   Makes 12 These started off as an idea for coffee cupcakes, then they morphed into an idea for using a mochaccino flavour instead. They hit the food mark in so many ways Velvety Moist Decadent Flavourful Indulgent I tried these on my favourite non-vegan, gf human Guinea... Continue Reading →

Carrot cake traybake

Makes 9   Preparation Time 15 Minutes    Cooking Time 35-40 Minutes Carrot cake is the only cake that I really resist making, the reason being is that it is my absolute favourite cake to eat. Although this version is both vegan and gluten free it certainly did not disappoint. I tested it on friends who are... Continue Reading →

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