Chocolate Mint Cake

Preparation Time 15 MinutesCooking Time 25 MinutesServes 12-16 Is there a more classic combination than chocolate and mint? Think of all the well-known chocolate containing these flavours. Boxes of After Eights, Fry's Mint, Bendick's creams and Elizabeth Shaw are very popular. So for the first time, since going vegan, I decided to make a chocolate... Continue Reading →

A year we couldn’t imagine

Nobody could imagine that not long after we happily saw the new year in how soon the whole world would descend into chaos. I remember watching about Wuhan in China and never even imagining it would affect us in the UK. Covid-19 held the whole world in its grip, breathing this virus among us all.... Continue Reading →

Lucious lemon layer cake

Preparation Time 15 MinutesCooking Time 30 MinutesServes 10 I love a layer cake, to this day I gently prize the two halves apart, just as I did in childhood. Also eating the bottom layer first. These days I try not to eat too many cakes, though if I want to indulge this one among the... Continue Reading →

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