Soft Gluten-Free Bread Rolls

gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, nut-free and dairy free but not These lovely rolls have a thin golden crust with a soft open crumb. There is only one rise and such a simple recipe. I have tried for so many months to achieve a good gluten-free bread. Buying it becomes so expensive and hit and miss. I... Continue Reading →

Soda Bread

One of the things I took for granted before I became coeliac was bread, particularly a simple sandwich made with soft nutty granary or wholemeal flour. Soda bread was also always a favourite, I loved the fact that this crusty loaf, as a busy mum to boys was quick to make for them to devour.... Continue Reading →


Cranberry & Apple Hot Cross Buns

What can I say about hot cross buns? I remember from my early childhood having them. My dad would bake them or my mum would buy some. Back then they were all made with the same flavours, not like today. These gluten-free and vegan hot cross buns are speckled with cranberry jewels, and packed with... Continue Reading →


Gluten-Free Flatbreads

I love flatbreads, whether it is Tortillas Pitta bread Naans Roti Chapati Focaccias They are so easy to make, most are made with flour, milk, water or yoghurt. This makes them a lot easier to convert them to being either vegan, gluten-free or both. Some do require yeast such as focaccia and pitta bread These... Continue Reading →


Artisan Gluten-Free Bread

For me, being gluten-free my biggest bugbear is the bread. Yes, what is on supermarket shelves have improved over the last 10 years. Now there are White bread Rolls Baguettes Wholemeal Brioche Ciabatta and many more. The shelves and companies trying to tempt us. If you are coeliac, you are held for ransom to some... Continue Reading →


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