Tried & tested BBQ options

For us, in the UK this is the time of year we fire up the trusty BBQ, weather depending {It is the UK}. Across the neighbourhood, smoke wafts across gardens which sets your mouth-watering. We have always used coals to cook but this year I invested in a 5 burner gas barbeque and last night... Continue Reading →

Roast garlic

Preparation TimeCooking Time 35 MinutesTotal Time Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free Equipment: Aluminium foil, olive oil and sea salt { black pepper optional} Roasted garlic is nothing like the unroasted in texture or taste. If you are not keen on the taste of garlic in your food, finding it too strong or overwhelming I urge... Continue Reading →

New Launches for Veganuary 2021

We are that time of the year again, Veganuary. The time when supermarkets and restaurants are booming with new vegan food products. My only annoyance is when they introduce a product in January and it slowly withdraws from the shelves. If you have decided to take the Veganuary 31-day challenge, then good luck. It has... Continue Reading →

The gluten-free vegan

When I started my blog, in my mind it was for the people, who for whatever reason were gluten-free. Also, a big part of it was for those who had made a choice to become vegan. As I go forward I have found that there are so many, who like me are both. I am... Continue Reading →

Tried and Tested June / July

Every couple of months I like to get out there and scour around the shops to find some vegan and gluten-free food items to test and try. This has been a little more difficult since March because of the problems caused by Covid 19 such as Being in shielding since March and not been food... Continue Reading →

A spoonful of pesto

FOOD BITES Not just for pasta Until 4 years ago I had never used pesto, which now seems so unbelievable. Quite often, I picked up a jar in a supermarket, putting  it back down again, convinced I would not like this weird green concoction in a jar. Often, while pursuing over delicious looking vegetarian recipes in... Continue Reading →


It has been such a while since I have written a non-recipe blog. This is due to a couple of reasons. Firstly due to severe pneumonia at the start of the year, I finally recovered from that and then we were all hit with the thing that changed everyone's lives, the Coronavirus. Like so many,... Continue Reading →

A breath of fresh air

I just wanted to write a quick update about how things are going a being released from the hospital and my plans and ambitions for this year. Breathing is easier now as I recover from a horrible bout of pneumonia and an asthma attack, that frankly scared me so much. Still very tired but building... Continue Reading →

New year, bad start

Hi everyone, I do apologise for my lack of posting over the last month. Just before Christmas I was feeling very tired but put it down to my disability and being so busy. By the day after boxing day, my chest was hurting and breathing became painful, I took my asthma pump and promised myself... Continue Reading →

Beauty without cruelty

  When you make the decision to become a vegan your thoughts, I think are about the food and how it will affect what you eat. I was a vegetarian so for me it was dairy that mainly changed. Once I got myself on board with that, I looked around at so many things in... Continue Reading →

One cold Friday trip

I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas, this year has gone so fast and I have had to overcome so many obstacles. The biggest one being I now have to use an electric wheelchair. It has taken a long time to get my head around my deteriorating mobility. I feel I am in the right... Continue Reading →

The story so far

It has been about 16 months now since my blog first came into fruition, things have changed so much in my life since then. There have been times that I couldn't see any point in carrying on with it. On the flip side, it has kept me afloat when things were dire, that and the... Continue Reading →

Burger Time

Summer really means a big rise in outdoor eating and nothing screams more summer food than bbq. It is time to get the charcoal lit and those burgers flipping The supermarkets are stuffed to the brim and competing now more than ever in the race to find the most realistic looking and tastiest vegan burgers.... Continue Reading →

Spring tried & tested products

  Birds Eye Green Cuisine ¬£2.50 for 300g I bought these as I was looking for a lower-calorie vegan sausage and beef burger. Birdseye was trailing behind in the vegan market but at last, they have launched their Green Cuisine range. The sausages like the burgers and Swedish meatballs are made from pea protein. In... Continue Reading →

No eggs no problem

This is an update of a blog I wrote a while ago, the reason being more egg replacements are now available on our supermarket shelves. It is amazing how many products are available now on top of the natural ones we can use. See below for some new items. Before I became vegan I was... Continue Reading →

Two months in

I cannot believe that we are two months into 2019 already. Christmas seems like a distant memory now, the tinsel and tree packed and hidden for another 11 months. It is still time for warming comforting food such as my hearty vegetable cassoulet and Mexican quinoa stew I have also managed to produce a vegan... Continue Reading →

What is Seitan

For those of you who are newly vegans, you may have heard this word bandied around or seen it listed in the ingredients of some food products such as Tofurky, Granovita's mock duck and many more vegan meat products. There is now the well known vegan eaterie now called The Temple of Seitan¬† Blank box.... Continue Reading →

A frugal vegan store cupboard

January really does feel like an incredibly long month, our bank balances are scary and all the festive feasting lays heavy upon us. The next payday seems so far away so it's a time we tighten our belts. Veganism does not have to be as expensive as sometimes it is portrayed. It is not necessary... Continue Reading →

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