A glance at Summer

It has been a strange summer for most of us. Although we are beginning to relax a little, the sword of covid still hangs overhead

I have spent my time in the company of my close family, best friends and my animals. Like many my home is my safe place. It is where I feel safe and secure without judgement.

A new patio was built with a new gazebo and barbecue. I have been hanging lights left right and centre and filling my garden with bee friendly flowers. I have grown veggies too, some successful and some not so much. We have had lots of BBQs and I hope we can continue with them into the autumn

It has been a hard year for me disability wise and I have had to come to terms to using a wheelchair now. I have fought this for so long but the daily pain has taken it’s toll. It has robbed me of many things but there are two that I find really hard to come to terms with

  • 1. Walking my 2 dogs Belle and Bear. They are my constant companions and I loved to walk them, let them swim in the rivers. Really just to have fun with them. They give you such love,

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