A year we couldn’t imagine

Nobody could imagine that not long after we happily saw the new year in how soon the whole world would descend into chaos.

I remember watching about Wuhan in China and never even imagining it would affect us in the UK.

Covid-19 held the whole world in its grip, breathing this virus among us all.

It was terrifying to hear about all the deaths and totally unimaginable. I went from rarely watching the news to it being the programme I was glued to all day long, Everyone’s lives were sliding out of our control. People were panic buying, food shortages, no food delivery slots, no sports, shops closed even the Olympic games were cancelled, We were all on lockdown but those who were vulnerable or had any pre-existing illness that would put their life in danger were encouraged to stay shielded for longer. Well, that was me due to my history with pneumonia and asthma. I had not long got out of the hospital due to a serious bout of pneumonia.

Well, fast forward 4 months and I still am shielded. The rules have been relaxed and it seems that so many people have forgotten that this terrible virus happened and that millions have lost their lives. I am still scared though, and I suppose like many others are trying to find a way to push the restart button on their lives again.

When this was all going on I just could not concentrate on my blog, I questioned whether it was worth it. It seemed with so many huge things going on in the world I started to feel so insignificant. My family were facing work and fear every day. My depression and anxiety grew until it hit and all-time low.

I’m pleased to say that although my physical health is not so good, my mental health is better. I remembered why I started this blog in the first place and that is for me and my mental health.

It’s not always about how important a thing is, or whether it gives you huge recognition from others. When it comes down to it, does it make you happy? If the answer is yes then you carry on.

So now I am enjoying my blog once again and coming up with new recipes. They may be not the most beautifully photographed recipes, or most ingenious but they are mine. I love to bake and I also like to share my recipes and help other vegans or those that are wheat or gluten intolerant.

Here are a few of my latest recipes and pictures.

Regards Karran xx

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