One cold Friday trip

I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas, this year has gone so fast and I have had to overcome so many obstacles. The biggest one being I now have to use an electric wheelchair. It has taken a long time to get my head around my deteriorating mobility. I feel I am in the right headspace now, although I am aware of how precarious life is.

I have been busy coming up with loads of recipes for the Christmas season and testing what is on offer in the supermarkets. I cannot believe how much wonderful gluten-free and vegan food is now appearing on the shelves.

Today though I am having a road trip to Paignton in Devon, visiting and doing some retail therapy. A chance to unwind and breathe some very fresh air.

The weather is still lousy, it feels like it hasn’t stopped raining for weeks. So I am well wrapped up and ready to steer my way through the shops, trying to get to grips with my mean machine.

Despite being awake most of the night due to chronic insomnia I like a chance to blow away the cobwebs

Powered by insomnia

The recipes for these cakes will be uploaded late. A gluten-free and vegan Sticky pineapple upside-down cake and a banana traybake with cream cheese butter-cream icing.

we needed some warming sustenance before we hit the shops which are often so problematic when out and about for me. Vegan and coeliac I normally find a large percentage of vegan food in cafes are not gluten-free. Spotting a Coffee #1 coffee shop I thought it was worth a try at least if all else fails I was guaranteed a warming soya cappuccino.
I was so delighted I did. On offer was a mushroom risotto to go with my gingerbread cappuccino. It really was delicious, it would not win any food beauty contest but it was packed with flavour and just what I needed. So a big thumbs up for them as they also had a Rogan Josh and a lentil Dahl available too.

Warmed up and rumbling stomachs abated it was time to hit the shops. I managed to grab a few bargains before the cold and the diminishing daylight dictated it was time to head home to our very loud and energetic welcoming committee, otherwise known as Belle and Bear.

It feels like a very long day but a nice one. This evening my feet will be up and possibly with a large gin and tonic in hand.

I hope you all have a good weekend whatever you have planned.

Karran x

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