Burger Time

Summer really means a big rise in outdoor eating and nothing screams more summer food than bbq. It is time to get the charcoal lit and those burgers flipping

The supermarkets are stuffed to the brim and competing now more than ever in the race to find the most realistic looking and tastiest vegan burgers. So with sunny skies, the battle of the vegan burger commences. No longer are we expected to stare forlornly as our non-vegan friends enjoy a plethora of charcoal-grilled goodies while we eat a salad. Here I have tested some of the burgers on offer in our supermarkets at the moment and whether they are worth buying.

The big thing at the moment seems to be in having a vegan burger that “bleeds” although only from added beetroot it still seems like a strange concept for a vegan burger. Most vegans are so because of ethical grounds like myself so maybe would prefer them not oozing red. At least now there is a choice and that is always a good thing.


Here are some of my favourites also ones that grill well and taste amazing.

The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat (£5.50 for 2 patties and 225 calories each)


This is the most expensive burgers that were tested and almost twice the price of what a normal burger would cost. I had heard great things about this product.  I was so excited to see that these are both gluten-free and vegan, though I really wish they did not come with such a hefty price tag. These are on sale at Tesco stores, they are made from pea protein. Compared to a meat burger the taste and texture are both really nice. Moist and great topped with onions. Would recommend these if on a special offer or as a treat occasionally. Big thumbs up.


The Revolution Burger by Move over Meat at Waitrose (£4.00 for 2 1/4 pounders and approximately 225 calories each)


I could not taste these myself as they were not gluten-free, so I had to rely on some taste testers for me. I was expecting great things from Waitrose but these were given a thumbs down by most. Like the No Bull Burger (Iceland stores) they do have the beetroot colouring to give it the appearance of meat but in comparison, it stopped there. They did look fabulous in appearance but the most common complaint was that they were dry and slightly tasteless. For those that did like them, they were put off by the price tag.

Meatless Farm Co Meat free burger ( Sainsbury’s and online The Vegan Kind £2.00 for 2 and approximately 215 calories each)

burgers-meatless-farm-co-meat-free-plant-based-burgers-2-pack-227g-1_800xThese I did not like at all and were my least favourite burger tested. I had tried their version of the mince last year and disliked that also. I was recommended these and because they were reasonably priced I gave them a go. I seemed to be in the minority in my dislike though. When it comes down to it then like everything it is an individual preference. They were moist and did cook well but for me, they had the texture of sausage meat which had lots of rusk in, not quite what I expect from a burger. They did not contain a lot of flavour in fairness they were rather bland. The price was good though and maybe if you marinaded in spices and served on a toasted bun with fried onion and cheese they would be absolutely fine.

No Bull Burger Iceland Stores ( £2.00 for 2, approximately 200 calories each)


These have to be my all-time favourite of all the burgers that I have tasted, although, in the beginning, I was not keen. I cooked them in the oven in the beginning but since then I have cooked them on an indoor electric bbq and an outdoor one. To me, this made such a difference. They char up lovely and have a succulent texture. Not overpowering in taste but just enough flavour for me. They are reasonably priced which makes a lot of difference when we have to be budget-conscious. There is always a packet of these in my freezer.


Vivera Veggie Burgers (£2.50 for 2 and 169 calories each)

Vivera-2-Veggie-Burgers-200gI could not taste these myself because they contain wheat, so I had to rely on other taste testers. I must admit I am so jealous as these looked so good. These beetroot tinted burgers are made from soya and wheat protein. When it comes to appearance and texture these were very close to the real thing. They were also juicy after cooking. Definitely one of the most authentic-looking burgers around.






M&S Plant Kitchen No beef Burger (£3.00 for 2 and 225 calories each)


Again this one was tested by others as it contained wheat. Uncooked it looked like your typical meat burger. Marks & Spencer uses vegetable suet and soya mince in these burgers. For me, this one is a little off-putting while cooking as a little too much red bled out. This one did not receive rave reviews though and was described as a little bland. Mind you in a bun with all the trimmings and a nice bbq sauce it would pass muster.



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