Spring tried & tested products


Birds Eye Green Cuisine £2.50 for 300g


I bought these as I was looking for a lower-calorie vegan sausage and beef burger. Birdseye was trailing behind in the vegan market but at last, they have launched their Green Cuisine range. The sausages like the burgers and Swedish meatballs are made from pea protein. In time for BBQ season. These are really nice and would be great in a bun or a roll. No funny after taste like some products.

Violife Greek white cheese Price £2.99 for 230g


My favourite cheese was always feta. I loved that salty tang. Once I turned vegan I never expected to find a decent feta replacement. Already a Violife fan, I was so excited to hear that they were introducing feta to their range. Well, I bought it straight away but it then sat in my fridge staring at me. I was afraid of the disappointment. With much trepidation, I scattered it over my salad, took my first taste and halleluja I loved it.


Swedish Glace raspberry flavour £2.50 for 750ml


In my mind, Swedish Glace is one of the best dairy-free vegan ice cream on the supermarket shelves. In fact, I bought this before I turned vegan. Quite happy with just the vanilla flavour. Then along came their raspberry ripple flavour and it was love at first taste. It has a flavour reminiscent of childhood which I cannot place my finger on. Maybe I need to eat more until I remember.


Rubies in the Rubble (Aquafaba Mayo) £3.50


I was excited to try this but I thought the price tag a little hefty. I did find it in Sainsbury’s for £2.99. I cannot argue that it is nice and creamy but for me, it is definitely a little acidic for my taste.



Hippeas approximately £1.99 large bag


I know these have been around for a long time but I have only just braved them. Now I am totally addicted to them, particularly the cheesy ones. There are lots of flavours to choose from and are both vegan and gluten-free.

Heck, The Beet Goes On  225g   £2.25

LN_814939_BP_11.jpgI am always on the lookout for a vegan and gluten-free sausage. Not simply a vegetable-based one but one that resembles the real deal. I was always hearing about the meat sausages by Heck and was totally unaware they also did plant-based ones. I spotted these in my local Asda so I grabbed a pack. I cooked mine in my air fryer for 8 minutes. While the texture was great I was expecting more of a flavour hit as they contain horseradish. Mind you I smeared them with dijon mustard to ramp up the flavour.

M&S Plant Kitchen from £2.00


Good old M&S has had an explosion of vegan food of late, which is fabulous but not if you are coeliac and have to have food gluten-free. There are some you can choose from. I have tried the no Chic n pieces, no mince, the beet burger and the nuggets. I was pleased with all the products. I was tempted by the coleslaw but it was a little high in calories for me. Their new no beef burger and their no pork sausoyges were out for me to try as neither were glute-free.

These are a few of the many products I have tried. Coming up I am doing a taste tests on vegan and gluten-free products in time for the BBQ season and taste testing vegan ice creams. What a dirty job.


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