Two months in

I cannot believe that we are two months into 2019 already. Christmas seems like a distant memory now, the tinsel and tree packed and hidden for another 11 months. It is still time for warming comforting food such as my hearty vegetable cassoulet and Mexican quinoa stew

I have also managed to produce a vegan and gluten free Bakewell tart that my other half described as gorgeous and as good as usual recipe.

Spring now has its nose poking around the corner. I love this time of year, it means time in the greenhouse. Choosing what variety of fresh vegetables and salads to grow is something I look forward to every year. So seeds have been planted in the protection of the greenhouse and I await the first shoot to prise through the compost. I only have a small garden so I grow so much in big pots such as potatoes, dwarf french beans and courgettes. The beauty of doing this yourself is not only rewarding but you get to play around and create gorgeous vegan meals with homegrown seasonal produce.

It has been around 10 months since I started this blog and my love of doing it continues to grow. There have been many obstacles in the way such as my health that have sometimes stopped its progress, my intention this year is to make it bigger and to finish writing The gluten free and vegan alchemists cookery book.

I have learnt to take one day at a time and not to give up in tougher times. I have a lot to be thankful for. Below are a few of my babies that make me smile daily.

Have a great weekend

Karran xx

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