What is Seitan

For those of you who are newly vegans, you may have heard this word bandied around or seen it listed in the ingredients of some food products such as Tofurky, Granovita’s mock duck and many more vegan meat products. There is now the well known vegan eaterie now called The Temple of Seitan 

Seitan is revolutionizing vegan meat products and is fast becoming a staple go-to for those who want to avoid meat. It can be made into sausages, bacon or even as an amazing vegan roast centrepiece

So what is it?

Known as wheat meat is derived from a protein found in wheat. It has a dense and chewy texture and like tofu in its natural state, it is very bland and needs the use of flavours and marinades to become tasty. Some vegans prefer the texture of this compared to tofu or tempeh.

You can buy pre-made seitan, make your own seitan using vital wheat gluten or you can buy a wide range of ready-made products made from using vital wheat gluten as an ingredient. There are many recipes online on how to make your own seitan and how to make different flavours to make it to your own taste.

Who cannot eat seitan?

Since seitan is made from a wheat product then, unfortunately, must be avoided by those who cannot have wheat or gluten in their diet such as coeliacs or by anyone who has wheat sensitivities or intolerances. So I like many other vegans do not get the chance to try any wonderful new products derived from seitan.

Is seitan healthy?

Although in its raw state it is not unhealthy, ready-made products made from it usually has a high sodium content which is something we need to be careful about and keep an eye on.

Vital wheat gluten is low in calories at only 105 per 28g along with

  • Protein 21g
  • Selenium 16% of the RDA
  • Iron 8% of the RDA
  • Calcium 4% of the RDA
  • Copper 3% of the RDA
  • Phosperous 7% of the RDA

It is very low in carbs as all the starch normally found in wheat flour is washed away in the process of making seitan.

Is seitan easy to cook with?

when using Seitan in a recipe it does not really take much cooking, more in the line of warming or browning. There seems no end to the way in which we can use in vegan dishes such as burgers, wraps, stir dried and kebabs. I think it’s used will grow and this fabulous product will help those who are transitioning to a vegan diet.



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