Another Year Begins

Hi everyone and I hope you have recovered from the festive season. Mine went downhill the Saturday before Christmas when I split my big toe wide open when I fell and then on Christmas Eve I went down with pneumonia. After that and a cortisone injection I am on the road to recovery and now at last ready to face the new year.

I have been experimenting on lots of new vegan recipes, recipes that will warm our bellies but also will be bursting with goodness.

Veganary is a big thing now, and it is becoming increasingly popular with each year. It is becoming so much easier to be a vegan today, with supermarkets vying to keep pace for the huge demand for plant-based food products. As far as the health reasons for giving veganism a try, does this mean that a vegan diet is better for us? I can be but it can also be possible to have a bad vegan diet. Before I became a vegan I did so much research on the types of food I would now need to eat to make sure my body receives all the vitamins and minerals it required The only vitamin supplements I take are Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. There are so many useful websites out there help you out with all the advice you need. Anything you would like to ask me then please email me at

I will be taking you on a tour through my kitchen equipment to show you what I use in helping create my recipe, also I will be reviewing new vegan products from December.

Have a great week Karran xx

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