Full of Cold & Christmas


  It really has been a dreadful week, which is why I have been absent both from my blog site and social media. I have been laid low by the dreaded lurgy as I think so many of us have. The sofa has been my best friend along with Lemsip, soft tissues, and menthol. I have coughed and sneezed my way through the last 4 days. It is now gradually departing and it is just my chest that is a little raspy. The common cold really is a horrid thing, such a small thing that makes you feel like you have been in a boxing ring with a heavyweight. I know the old saying “feed a cold and starve a fever”. This really does not apply to me as I go right off anything to do with food, whether that is eating or cooking.

Today I promised myself that I would get back into recipes, so I started off with a divine gluten-free and vegan Bread sauce recipe and a recipe for cranberry and orange sauce.

I hope you like these recipes. The cranberry sauce is great to make ahead and freeze for when you need it.

I really yearn for those lovely crumbly mince pies I enjoyed before I was coeliac. I have been drooling after the ones on M&S. I have had a few falls but was determined to crack it. Today I cracked it (go me). I managed to make a gluten-free pastry had handled well and was light and crumbly once cooked. Christmas angels were smiling on me today and the best mince pies I have ever made   

The Christmas tree is now up, which in itself makes me feel a little better. I will be glad once I get my cortisone jab in my knee on Thursday over and done with.

I feel that I am on top of Chrismas, It is a small gathering at ours, but those who matter most to me are there. I know from talking to people on my vegan FB page https://www.facebook.com/thegfveganalchemist that some people started months ago and have wrapped all the gifts already. I must admit I do love a bit of last-minute madness. A visit to a Christmas market is a must to make you feel festive.

The less Christmas stuff like doing the washing and cleaning beckons now along with preparing a recipe for gingerbread granola. I hope your day is not too cold and wet.


Karran xx



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