Oh what a Monday

I woke up with my organized head on and with a clear plan to my day. I packed my partner off to work and then my day went pear-shaped. Bear my 17-month-old German Shepherd decided to escape. Still, in my PJs and slippers, I spent the next hour trying to get him in. I tried praise, treats his normal favourite call “who’s the Bear,” all to no avail. Eventually using his older sister Belle as bait, I managed to grab him.

My food plan was tomato and roast pepper soup, Pavlova plus some gingerbread men. Well as Meatloaf says two out of three’s not bad. I did manage to put my date snack bars on the blog plus soup so far, the links are below

tomato and roasted pepper soup

It’s a date Bar

My head is buzzing with Christmas recipes and my mincemeat and Christmas cakes are maturing nicely. My enemy is my body as it’s much slower than my mind. I am still working on a good nut roast, which for me will be the main part of my Christmas dinner.

For now, though I can hear the sofa calling my name along with a large Gin & Tonic, medicinal reasons only of course

Have a great evening

Karran x

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