November Favourites


This month there has been an abundance in the discovery of vegan and gluten-free food and ethical household products for me. I thought I would share a few of my favourites. Maybe you have tried them, I always love to hear your feedback and comments. These are the ones I have tested and it is my opinion only, good or bad.

The Meatless Farm Co from Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s vegan and gluten-free mince

I was out shopping at Sainsbury’s this weekend, in fact, I went down for my favourite Shroomdogs, only to find the shelves devoid of my favourite vegan sausage. As my eyes crawled across the huge array of vegan products (well done Sainsbury’s)looking for something that was also gluten-free. I spied this item and had to give it a try especially after my disappointment with the No Bull mince. This does look like the real deal, which did freak me out a bit. I am so glad I did. This product is great and I would highly recommend it. A great item, especially if you are finding the switch to vegan difficult, a long-term vegan or even to use as having a meat-free day. It takes up the flavours well and worked great in lasagne. At £3.00 It is not too overpriced.


Tesco ECO ACTIVE laundry detergent

I am continually converting to using ethical cleaning products. Before they were so expensive and most peoples budgets could not stretch to including them all in their budgets. I love the Tesco ECO ACTIVE range. It said 42 washes on the bottle and I must admit I was sceptical. my poor washing machine sees some action and is on at least twice a day so I wondered how long this would last me. The product is £4.00 which to me was reasonable. From the time I took the cap off, I loved it. I made sure I used the measuring cup. It washed lovely, even stubborn stains and it lasted me just over 3 weeks. This one is definitely a keeper for me.

Sainsbury’s The Meatless Farm Co Burgers

I grabbed this item when I saw the mince. It is difficult to get a good vegan and gluten-free burger, so it had to be tried. These looked so different from any other vegan burger, In fact, they looked like a sausage pattie. Once again I had to push the fact that it looked so meat-like to the back of my mind. These take around 4-5 minutes to cook each side in a frying pan. They held their shape and looked golden brown once cooked. I am on the fence with these, the main problem for me is that they are very bland. In a burger bun with cheese and toppings, they would be great or on the BBQ. I will buy them again but maybe spice them up a bit. The price was £2.50 and they are worth that price.

Food Heaven Cafe Soya Iced Latte


Maybe it is not the weather for an Iced cold drink but sometimes I want something refreshing. This ticks the box for me. I am a coffee lover who sometimes likes it cold. At £1.00 per litre carton, it is definitely at the less pricey end off some dairy-free coffee drinks

biona organic beluga lentils

I love tinned legumes and I always have a store of all different varieties, they are all so very different and have different uses in vegan cooking and even baking. We all know the usual ones but lately, I have been using these black lentils or beluga lentils. These lentils hold their shape so well so are great in a bolognese sauce and in stuffed peppers. They are not easy to locate in many supermarkets. After reading up about their benefits I am more determined to find some new recipes for them. They get their name for sharing the appearance to the famous beluga caviar.
Unlike the more common green lentils, black lentils such as Beluga contain anthocyanins – the same powerful antioxidant found in dark berries such as blueberries and blackberries. These antioxidants are great at preventing damage to cells by free-radicals. A great reason to give beautiful lentils a go.

Quorn Smoky Ham free slices

I find being grabbing a sandwich on the go very difficult for me. Being a coeliac vegan there is not an option available for me. I was so glad when Quorn bought out these vegan slices. Now if I am going on a road trip or just out and about I make up a gluten-free sandwich with some vegan cheese and these lovely ham free slices. They do not have the strange taste that some fake meats have. I much prefer these ones to the chicken free ones myself. The pack is £2.00 and makes around 3 sandwiches for me

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