Sunday Brunch

Sunday is definitely my favourite day of the week. It is a more chilled day, where I not to plan very much at all.  A little writing for my blog and some recipe ideas is enough, maybe some housework and preparing a Sunday dinner. I was really thinking about vegan brunch ideas today. Something that involved a little preparation but not too much.

I wanted something light that would go with some delicious vine roasted tomatoes,  earthy mushrooms and my favourite schroomdogs from Sainsbury’s. Also, something that could be adapted to work with seasonal products or to what you fancied.

My mind started to think of rosti or hash browns but a more loaded version, punchier than just potato. These were the result, a delicious mix of cheese and grated vegetables, cooked to crispy perfection. A perfect partner for my brunch ingredients. Why not click on the link for the recipe of my Loaded Hash Browns.

I hope you like them. I will upload some more photos of them with various brunch favourites.

Hope you had a great Sunday

Karran x

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