Nearly November

I cannot believe it is nearly November, this year has gone so fast. I have had a trip of a lifetime to Canada, started blogging, started a vegan website and beginning to write my cookery book.

If I had been told, that I would do these things this time last year, I would have said no way. Those were the good things, the things to push me forward and take me out of my comfort zone. That is never easy, especially if you suffer from awful anxiety and low self-worth plus a mix of disabilities.

The main picture is of the harvest of goodies I picked from my greenhouse today. I have had a greenhouse for around 11 years and I have never picked ripe tomatoes and peppers at this time of the year. I have an abundance still on the vines so I won’t complain.

As much as I love summer and how better my body feels with some sunshine, for me though Autumn to Winter is my favourite time of the year. I love getting out the snuggly throws, wearing fleece pyjamas and socks. The hunkering down for the winter for me is such a joy.

Christmas is not far around the corner, so my thoughts turn to Christmas cake, my second year making a vegan & gluten-free one. Homemade mincemeat and my family favourite stollen. I make so many of these loaves, although I dislike them, I love the smell baking them produces.

It is so funny how a year is mapped out in food terms. Maybe that is why I love this time of the year too, because of the love the foods of this season. I must admit, I am a bit of a feeder. I am that person who takes a cake when visiting friends and family. and I think the recipients do too.

I have loads of recipes to write up, that have been successful, unfortunately, I had a laptop malfunction for a bit. Back on track now and blogging once more. I love the challenge of veganising a recipe or dish or making them gluten-free. There have been disasters, and as I write this I have just had to rescue a huge tray of burnt granola from the oven (forgot to set time).  I could have cried, it was so full of gorgeous ingredients and I hate food waste. I have included a picture,  to show I am fallible also we never get to see the bad stuff, the items that end up in the bin. I bet you don’t fancy that for breakfast. I was road testing my Christmas granola and it looked and tasted so good beforehand.

I have taken lots of food photos of the recipes I am putting on the blog, so enough of my waffling and time to write them up. Also, the kitchen window needs opening, as the smoke and smell in there are so bad.

bye for now Karran



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