Autumnal Treasures

It has been such a busy and frantic few months. Time has flown by since I first started blogging. I just wanted to share with you some of the vegan and gluten-free products that I have tasted and will definitely keep in my store cupboard and fridge.

Genius Fibre Fest Wraps


When I first saw these wraps by Genius, I was not too sure whether I fancied them, to be honest. The colour, for bread, was, to say the least, a little odd. I kept hearing how nice they were. I chose the beetroot one, mainly because I love beetroot. I was worried that the kale one would taste too strong. Now I love them both. If fact if I have a gripe, it is that they do tend to stick together. You have to be careful pulling them apart. Nice and pliable and with a neutral taste these make a pleasant change. Also full of fibre and low in calories at only 100 calories each.


Vego chocolate hazelnut spread

For the fans of the German-made  Vego,  the vegan, chunky hazelnut bars, get ready for heaven. The much-awaited spread has now hit the shelves. This really is so delicious, you may have to get your family and friends to hide it, to save you from yourself. High in calories and flavour, it is great as a great only. Comes in a handy reusable drinking glass. This is definitely a winner.


Violife chicken flavour slices

As a gluten-free vegan, I am very limited in my choice of meat slices for my sandwiches. This is one of the newer ones, I am happy to say I am able to eat. I love most of the Violife cheese range, so I was so pleased when I saw these for sale online.  It has a mild flavour, reminiscent of polony. I love it in a sandwich or a wrap with some vegan cheese and pickle. Sometimes I just want simple and uncomplicated



Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds

After discovering the delights of Daiya ranch dressing I decided to try more of their range, to be honest, the only item I was disappointed with was their pizza. I have tried many kinds of vegan cheeses which claimed they were great for pizzas, and that they melted wonderfully. I have also been disappointed. These are not the cheapest by far, but in fairness, they are really very good. I love them on pizza, lasagne and on top of macaroni cheese mixed in with breadcrumbs. So if you feel like splashing out or see them on offer, then I would definitely grab a packet.

bio-d-oblito-1l-1Bio Fabric Conditioner

Becoming vegan, was not about just in my choices of food. Eventually, I knew that I would have to look at changing the products I use on myself and around my home. I could not afford to do this all at once, for me, this has been a gradual and ongoing process. Having a household of people with sensitive skin, I did tend to stick to the same washing powder and softener. So Bio fabric conditioner was my first foray into the unknown, and that is where I am sticking. I have tried the unscented and loved it, now I want to try the lavender one. It leaves your laundry lovely, soft and fresh smelling. It also is a really fair price at under £3.00. To be honest ethical household products are coming down now to a more realistic price and in line with most peoples budget.

fairtrade_super_cosy_drinking_chocolate_clipper_250gClipper Super Cosy Drinking Chocolate

Now, for me, there is one product that signals winter is coming. That for me is a lovely mug of hot chocolate and if it has unctuous sticky marshmallows on top, all the better. Finding a vegan one was pretty simple, but mine needed to be gluten-free too. Clipper has such a great reputation, so I decided to give this one a try. If prepared with a non-dairy based milk, then it is vegan heaven. I just need some vegan chocolate flakes now. This is definitely there among my favourite hot chocolates now.

Well, that is just a few of the many vegan products I have tasted or tested recently. I could go on, but there are so many wonderful products out there now. It has never been a better nor easier time to be or become a vegan. There are numerous foods available that I just cannot eat, because of being coeliac. I would love to hear about them and what they are like especially seitan. I have a big seitan envy, I must admit. I would love to buy or experiment with this product. So far I have found there is not a meal I like that I could not veganise. If anything becoming a vegan has made me more adventurous in my choice of foods. I am now looking forward to the Christmas season, trying new seasonal products and conjuring up some more recipes, which I hope you will love.

Well, my bed is calling loudly so a big goodnight from me.

*I receive no financial remuneration for any products mentioned above.


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