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I think September has been a bit of a car crash for me, with family health problems to contend with, also my health and disability has thrown me so many curveballs. We all have those times when things just overwhelm you. All digits crossed things will get resolved and will calm down now.

This is my favourite time of the year. I am like a kid in the proverbial sweet shop with all the Halloween goodies around, as usual, I have succumbed and bought some skull-themed items, like a lovely table runner and plate.


I am so enjoying writing this blog, even though at times I maybe do not have the time I want for it. I always said blogging was so not me, but here I am at 53 and loving it.

What it has achieved, is to give me the push I needed to fulfil my dream and open an online vegan store. Business cards done, goodies ordered and a few nerves kicking in now.

Back to my blog, I decided to treat myself to a portable, photography, light tent studio. It arrived last Saturday, and I have been itching to open it. Today is the first chance I have had to do that. I must say for the price, I am impressed


I am so impressed with the quality, although I am not sure entirely what to with it all quite yet. Looking forward, to learning to use it and take some gorgeous food pictures.

As far as food goes, it is definitely comfort food season. my brain is whirling with ideas. I was reminiscing about childhood food memories, I find it amazing how a food aroma can stir up such strong emotions and memories, I love that about food. For me, Saturday night was chicken Kiev, chips, and mushy peas. I want to create the same dish using tofu as a base. I also have a gorgeous vegan tagine to add and some yummy filled potato cakes, bursting with wild mushrooms and garlic. For now, I better go and try and work out to use my new toy. Also, maybe I need to create some gluten-free and vegan Halloween themed food.

Happy Halloween


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